Sunday, February 22, 2009

The New Routine

I moved to a new employer last year and now commute every weekday from Edinburgh to Glasgow. The trains are frequent, punctual, and well-maintained, but I would have expected little else at the fare, which is £2800 for a year's seaon ticket.
I have found that if I leave the house at six fifteen, I can get an hour on the gym, and still be at my desk for nine, which isn't too shabby. I get an hour and a half each day to read, listen to music, podcasts, or audio drama, of even watch TV of cinema on a variety of sub one-kilo portable devices, which I look upon as a gift. It makes me all the more dismayed to see how many of my fellow commuters occupy themselves day in day out with the insubstantial and environmentally unhelpful free newspapers that are dropped on Britains transport network each day like doodlebugs.

Posted by ShoZu