Monday, March 31, 2008

Ordinary Man Updates Dull Blog

Crikey, it's been ages. I must confess that being able to update my Facebook status even as I perform the most fundamental of ablutions means that I feel less compelled to diarize properly whenever I want to tell the world how I'm feeling. But there's more to communication than "Dave Owen clearly had a good breakfast" or "Dave Owen latterly eschews Blogger".

It's not just Facebook that has been eating my time. Work has been fairly demanding of late, not just office hours, but planned work outside office hours, and unplanned work as a result of the planned work. So I skipped sleeping last Monday night, for example, and spent the last weekend either working, enjoying high culture with Helen, or running a half-marathon. I still feel I'm nothing like as stretched as the average parent or project manager, though.

My stamina seems to be returning. I had fallen back into a bad espresso habit, with consequent energy crashes, fed with more espresso or sugary food. My weight tipped over 100kg, and when I lost the ability to run for about a month following an ankle injury, I took the opportunity to cut out coffee completely, and diligently watch what I'm eating. I'm down to 92kg now and intent on dropping to 80kg if I can. I've enjoyed the feeling of hunger, and the self-satisfaction that comes from seeing it out instead of feeding it. Habits like the snack on arriving home from work are biting the dust. I'm no longer bloated and windy, and sweat far less when exercising. I think that coffee, like alcohol, is a mood-altering quick-fix drug that I am powerless over, so I've decided that I've had my last cup.

As a result, I can keep going longer, and got through last-week's all-nighter with few after-effects. With a slower metabolism, I seem to be able to exercise sooner after eating, although I still need to eat afterwards.

I'm looking forward to lots of holidays. We're going to Kirby Steven with some of Helen's family for Easter, taking a week at a caravan late in April, and taking Eurostar to Avignon in August. Lots of walking and reading to come, I hope. I'm going to see Asia in Glasgow tonight, as well. It's a sign of my age that 50% of the band have had heart surgery since I last saw them, and I'm looking forward to reading Martin Amis' latest essay collection on the way there and back almost as much as the gig itself.

I think I'm more content now than for some time. Work is satisfying, and in the rest of my time, I seem to be building sustainable good habits. I've got into cleaning my bike, rather than letting the chain and gears crunch towards annual replacement. I'm cooking simpler, healthier meals. I'm varying my exercise regime. I seem to be enjoying engaging with problems rather than avoiding or postponing them.

So, it's all looking pretty good. "Dave Owen is enjoying life", as I'd say on Facebook.