Thursday, January 03, 2008

Snow and Security

I have decided to post a picture as often as I can, and took my camera to work today. Having cycled, wearing shorts, and carrying nothing less modest, it cruelly started snowing in the morning. I decided that a shot of my bike covered in snow would be the perfect summary of this first day back at work, and ventured into the car park to take oneat lunch time. The snow was a bit camera shy in my shot, so I started taking some others of snowfall against the building. After a minute, a security guard came out and very directly asked whether I had permission to take photographs. Much apologizing, both to him, and the site security director followed, and I contritely agreed to delete the shots of the building, which is, I suppose a fairly high-security site. I would have had to have been a completely rubbish criminal to actually have though I was doing something clandestine, though.

So, today's picture is of my bike at a secret location where you can't see it snowing. Are you happy for goading me into blogging more often, Peter Anghelides?

1 comment:

P.A. said...

I am delighted to have goaded you. My reward is to see your bicycle.