Sunday, January 20, 2008

Punishing With Spontaneity

At 3 pm on Friday, I learned that the work planned for Friday evening and Saturday daytime had been postponed, and that I would not be starting work until 4 pm on Saturday "Hooray" i thought - "that gives me most of Saturday to iron, watch Doctor Who, get my hair cut, alphabetize (checking the spelling of that, I see it's IZE rather than ISE, which is apt and thus memorable, at least) the contents of the kitchen, and stroke my compulsions in any other way that took my fancy. Helen had other plans, which is why by noon, we were speeding towards the Trossachs to visit Queen Elizabeth Forest Park (above). This was possible thanks to the City Car Club, which enables non-petrolheads such as ourselves to hire cars for a couple of hours, to be picked up and returned at unmanned locations within walking distance of home.

It was all arse-about-face, I thought, sucking in the greenery, air, space, and calm before an eight-hour shift at the command prompt. I stand corrected: I started work in a much improved frame of mind. Hooray for the City Car Club.

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