Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August Headlines

I'm still alive: thanks for all your concern. No, really. It's the thought that counts.

Work: Still on lengthy project at major client in Edinburgh. Late nights and weekend working temporarily in abeyance.

Home: Harmony reigns, as school summer holidays mean Miss is more relazed than in recent memory. Halls and stairways recently painted and recarpeted. Thus, no foreign holiday this summer.

Travel: Numerous long weekends in caravans on both coasts. We're finding these very relaxing indeed.

Gigs: Gabriel and Genesis both sublime. Latter felt more like a lap of honour than a resumption of business as usual. A dignified encore.

Writing: Heaved a sigh of relief as final Doctor Who television reviews and latest short story were submitted. The reviews seem to have been receieved well both by publishers and readers, and my services have been retained into the new administration.

Health and fitness: Took my first full week of work and succumbed to a heavy cold in early August. I feel wonderful afterwards and am now training towards the Glasgow half marathon early next month. Three pronged approach - speed, gradient, and impact.

Fringe: Kicked off on Sunday night with Janey Godley. She is astonishing. Lee, Herring, Nichol and Hegley to come. At the book festival Germaine Greer and Jon Ronson will provide some intellectual fibre.

Books: I've resolved to read at least one work of fiction (novel or collection) each week. I've been enjoying Rupert Thomson, Christopher Brookmyre, Robert Goddard, Colin Bateman, and Justin Richards (who he?) recently.

Music: The usual suspects. Need I enumerate? Obviously not.

Family: Enjoyed civilized visits to parents, sister and family, and civilized visits from numerous in-laws. I have a new niece on the way. Parenthood is quite awesome to contemplate. Avuncular duties are, sometimes quite literally, a walk in the park.

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