Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rest and Recuperation Recently Required

I'm so indecisive at the moment that I just spent a minute staring at the Title: field of this post trying to come up with one.

The frenzy of the past year has all caught up with me and I'm feeling exhausted and lethargic. My concentration is shot, and I take pleasure in little other than sleeping and watching television, which absorbs me now like it never has before. This is what it must be like to be old.

So, I'm taking it easy, as much as I can, anyway, and relying on all the processes and aides-memoir I seems to spend my active time generating. I bought Helen an iPod for our anniversary, and in a fit of jealous pique, my Creative Zen has comitted suicide. Waiting for its replacement to arrive seems to be a good opportunity to give the gym a rest, or at least confine myself to swimming and yoga.

I'd been needing about 12 shots of espresso a day, which is not really a sustainable way to live (unless you also do lots of cocaine as well, obviously) so I've cut that out completely. I'm in my fourth day off the bean today, and I haven't had any of the headaches I'd been expecting and my piss has stopped smelling like the bins at Starbucks.

I new something was going wrong on my most recent competitive run, the 10K Bupa Great Edinburgh Run the other weekend, when I had to actually stop and walk for a bit. I didn't feel ashamed or embarrassed, but more shocked that my legs had just given up. I think it was a mixture of lack of sleep and steady hydration the day before, together with perhaps easing off training a day or two too early so that my calves were stiff and knotted. Plenty of approaches to try before the next one in September.

I'm looking forward to getting better. Specifically to getting my energy and concentration back so I can spend an hour reading in bed each night, cook a new recipe each week, and even iron standing up, which is proving a challenge now.

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