Thursday, December 28, 2006


I have discovered the most wonderful film.

Primer is a low-key mentally-challenging thriller about two young engineers who accidentally discover a very mundane form of short-term time travel and hesitantly explore the implications. It was made for the price of a used car in five weeks, and avoids melodrama entirely. The film I've seen that it has most in common with is Memento. By contrast, this year's Deja Vu, for example, takes a hundredth of the intellectual exploration of Primer, and presents it as grand opera.

I'm excited because I don't get it all yet, and will need several more viewings before I think I do. I'm also thrilled because this is the first time I've discovered a film through on-line word of mouth discussion, researched it through this diligent Wikipedia entry, and then and only then decided to rent it. I watched last night after everyone had gone to bed.

Well, I think I did.

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