Thursday, October 12, 2006

Going For The Ten

I've been too busy to write anything since the weekend, as work has been keeping me occupied. However, I can't let next weekend arrive without recording that I went to see Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman's opening night at the Edinburgh Playhouse on Saturday, which was unexpectedly delightful, as I've previously found them individually disappointing and not even essential to Yes, who've managed to make good albums without both of them. They bring out the best in one another - Anderson inspires Wakeman, and Wakeman polishes and improves Anderson. Loosely based on Anderson's naive solo arrangements of Yes tunes from his solo tour, the renditions benefitted from Wakeman's brilliance as an arranger and accompanist. They were genuinely relaxed in each other's company. I can continue waiting for Yes to grit their teeth and enter a studio again if their sub-groups in the mean time can be this entertaining.

The following morning, I ran the Hopetoun House 10K in a personal best time of 48 minutes and 39 seconds. It was unlike any city run I've done, feeling at times like a public school cross country. There was absolutely no public transport provision to the start (Thank you, Brian Souter, you franchise-squatting, homophobic waste of carrier bags), so I had to take my bike on the train to Dalmeny and cycle through South Queenferry to get there. Which, apart from adding to the number of things which could have gone wrong, was actually very pleasant.

The lessons learned from Glasgow paid dividends - I had trained outdoors and smeared my loins with nappy-rash cream, so I was feeling fine afterwards and the next day. I'd also been training for hills on the treadmill, and there were plenty of those on the day. I'm very pleased with the way it went. There were a couple of memorable moments - I ran through a bed of nettles and gained an annoying itch as a result that I tried to use as a motivator - and the water station halfway were handing out plastic cups rather than bottles. It is far harder to drink from a cup than a bottle while running up a grassy hill, and I regurgitated most of what I took down.

I'm still very tired, and looking forward to next week, when we're going on holiday. I shall have to make sure I can blog from my wonder-phone before we go.

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