Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yogic Stealth Commuting

I was visiting a client site today that's a good way outside town, and took the bus. It's a special bus, that takes slightly different routes at the far end, denoted by different alphabetic suffixes to the route number. I had forgotten which suffix I needed, but reasoned that the informative signage at the stop would enlighten me.

Alas, the timetable and map had slipped behind another route's details in the display at the stop, obscuring the critical details of which variant I needed. The perspex covering had been cracked, possibly causing the slippage, or maybe due to another bewildered traveller trying to get through at and slide the details back into view. When I tried this option, they wouldn't budge, leaving me looking like a nutter to the other passengers.

I decided to board whichever bus had a destination beyond where I was going, as shown on the still just visible route map. It seemed there was one every five minutes, so it was bound to turn up. That's what I thought. The first one to come was a 44C, which sped past without stopping. I worried that it might have been the one I wanted, but reassured myself that it probably wasn't. What I could see of the map seemed to support this theory. Each 44C was followed by more 44s, and very occasionally a 44B, heading to a non-candidate destination. It must be the 44A, or even 44D I needed, I reasoned.

After an hour, neither of these rumoured services had appeared, so I asked the driver of teh next 44C which bus I needed to get to my destination. "It's the 44C" he responded, matter-of-factly. "This bus, then", I added, to which he nodded. This was about the fifth 44C to have passed since I had been waiting. I boarded and sat down.

I did feel a bit of a twat at the time for not having pestered fellow passengers, or the driver of any bus with a 4 in its number to have passed, for the service details, but on reflection, I'm quite happy with what happened.

It shows that I like waiting at bus stops, listening to MP3 files, and watching the world go by. I am content, patient, and at peace.

This, it seems, is exactly the kind of outcome you can expect if you attempt to go to work straight after a yoga class.

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