Friday, September 29, 2006

Man with cold complains about things

It's been a bitty week (although not in the oepidal sense), and I am glad that Friday evening is approaching. I'd be still gladder if I knew whether I was working this weekend or not. I took Monday off in lieu of time worked, and felt happier on a Sunday than I had in recent memory. I visited a new client on Wednesday and was tense and worried beforehand, but they weren't at all fierce and I hope to see more of them. All this change has stirred up my schedule and I feel quite tired as a result.

There's just over a walk before the Hopetoun House 10k which should be, almost literally, a walk in the park compared to the Glasgow Half. I passed through Glasgow on Wednesday, and the topology of the city now has a different feel to me after the ordeal. I've had a cold, from which I'm mainly recovered, so I should be fine for the race, and can comfortably cover 10k in 54 minutes in training. I'll aim for 50 on the day.

Anyway: An emerging problem with the .com economy is that were are at the mercy of the couriers we choose to deliver our purchases to us. I've spurned economy couriers because they're unapologetically useless, in favour of Parcel Force, but they now seem to be heading the same way. They won't leave large parcels at your local post office, failed to redeliver to my home address on Monday after I waited in all day, and after promising to redeliver to work on Wednesday, left the box with my neighbour instead. Oh, the irritation! This is probably another reason I'm feeling so tired.

Anyway, in about five hours I shall be heading home, and as Helen is going to the pictures with a mate, will comfort myself with a week's ironing and a reconstruction of The Enemy of the World. Bliss.

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