Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Eve of the War

I'm delighted to have reached my sponsorship target. But that really was the easy part. I'm a bag of nerves this evening, and even a theraputic hour or so's ironing couldn't do the trick. I'm not really worried about being able to run the 13 miles so much as getting to the start on time; the earliest train to Glasgow doesn't even get there until nine, leaving me dependent on the left luggage service at the station being open, as I'll have no time to take my belongings to the changing area at the other end of the run before the off. If it isn't actually raining in Edinburgh when I leave, I might travel light, which would be far less hassle.

Intellectually, I should know that I'll have done it by this time tomorrow, but I can't make that emotional leap. I've been laying off training for the last couple of days, which has worked wonders in the past, but my ankles are sore, and I've had a mild headache for a day or so, too.

I'm sure it will all look different in the morning. We're going out to a birthday party tonight, which should keep my mind off it.

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