Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You Know Who's Got It All?

Today’s challenge is to write the most smug, self-satisfied blog entry possible. Here goes.

For me, things generally look tickety-boo at 6:30 in the morning. Specifically, this morning. My alarm sounds at 5:45, at which I either get up or enjoy a 15 minute lie-in. It’s far easier to get out of bed when one has laid the groundwork the night before, so typically my bike panniers will already have been packed and my gym clothes laid out. I turbo charge myself with a strong espresso before heading out, and at this time of year, while I’m drinking it, look out of the window into our garden where a bush I have yet to identify is providing a canopy of lilac blossom.

A quick farewell to spouse later, and I’m on my way, gym gear augmented by bike helmet and fluorescent vest. Pausing only to clip on my panniers and put out the blue recycling box, I pedal past our local park, and the world is mine; well, mine and that of a select few bakery staff and postmen.

It was precisely as I was cycling past the park today that I started counting my blessings: I’ve been sober for nineteen months, have a heroine for a wife, and perfect health for a forty-year-old. I’m on good terms with my family and friends, have a home that feels like one, and am beginning to be able to look in the mirror and say “There is a decent enough bloke".

Clearly something terrible is about to befall me.

Blessings thus audited, I proceeded to the gym, past an old friend I hadn’t seen for over a year, and set to burning a thousand calories while enjoying some audio drama. How convenient to be able to exercise my mind and body at the same time. By 8:00 each day, I vacate the gym istelf, shower, and eat a somewhat stereotypical breakfast (muesli and The Guardian), before pushing off from the health club to work and arriving around 9:00.

And I do that most weekdays: in many ways it’s the best part of the day. The satisfaction of waking up to find my bags already packed, the tranquillity of the garden, the feeling of owning the neighbourhood as I pedal through it, and the exchange of nods and smiles with people I pass. By the time I get to work, I’ve already achieved something worthwhile.

And, you know – with a little application, you could do that too. Bless you, reader.

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