Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two Legs Good, Three Sides Live

My toes are very sore.

I've been doing some late training for the half marathon, and managed 5km in 26 minutes this morning. This means lengthening my gait, and so stretching parts of me that don't normally get stretched. I've also been stretching my wallet, investing a fair sum in a special running top that wicks off moisture (which is what we sophisticated athletes call sweat) and an upper-arm phone pouch that looks like a sphygmomanometer cuff. This morning it was carrying my MP3 player, which was in turn carrying disc two of Genesis' Three Sides Live. Live albums are great to exercise to: the sound of an audience responding to an old favourite played with a
confidence and vigour that might be absent from the studio shakedown is powerfully motivating. Today's In The Cage medley never sounded better.

Apart from the training, it's all back to normal at Owen Towers. We are a two-person household once more, Helen is out at school during the day, and my furlough from active engagement has ended, as I was called back up to the Regal Bond of Scotia's city centre premises this Tuesday. It will be, I sense, a short sharp engagement, with some unsocial hours, but it should all be over by the end of September. The great thing about being an external consultant is that you don't carry the messy baggage of previous engagements with you, and get all the benefits of starting anew each time, although as many of the faces are familiar, it was good to be warmly received by former clients. My professional self esteem is cautiously rising.

PS: The Claud Butler was there again, in exactly the same state, yesterday. I can therefore never mention where the gym is in this blog in case the owner sues me when it is inevitably stolen.

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