Monday, August 28, 2006

More Money Than Sense

In younger days I was occasionally accused of having more money than sense. Considering how bereft of sense I was, this seemed to be more of a compliment than anything else, and it's a state I've aspired to since. I rarely reflect on it, but today saw a textbook example.

Spotted at the cycle stands at a local amenity this morning at 10:00. It's a nearly-new Claud Butler Odyssey (£249.99 to you, John) that the owner has left leaning against a stand. That's "leaning against" rather than "tethered to", since the steel rope bike lock has been used only to secure the front wheel to the frame. It could be in the back of a van in 10 seconds. The front and rear lights were also left mounted. I suspect that the owner has not owned this for very long, and that his previous form of transport was a Porsche with central locking and lights that can't be easily removed. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was still there when I returned two hours later.

Good luck to this trusting man! And what a nice neighbourhood I live in, after all!

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