Friday, August 18, 2006

Late Spring Cleaning

The old blog (and it is quite an old one by now) was looking a bit antedeluvian compared to some of its competitors, so I've had a bit of a spring clean. I'm pleased with the results - it seems to have addressed all the niggles I've had with it.

Half-marathon training is going well : with just over two weeks to go, I'm up to 11km on the treadmill at a realistic speed and gradient. I'll be stretching ths out over the next week up to about 15km, and the focussing on speed and gradient in the week before the run itself. Sponsors have been few but generous. With an end of month payday between now and the race, I'm sure I'll hit the target. Just to make sure I do, please click on the link to the right. Thanks.

I'm very pleased with my new phone's camera. Above left is Poppy, looking a bit frayed in silhouette, but still deeply loveable. Below is a panorama, taken at Castle Kennedy Gardens on holiday, using the built-in panorama feature, where you take three shots from left to right and for the last two, it overlays the edge of the previous image on the display so you can line them up. You can see how the lighting changed over the three component shots here. WAKE UP!
Brother-in-law Joe takes his leave of us this weekend, after six extremely stress-free months. We will miss him. In the short term he is being supplanted by August's traditional slew of English visitors, who remember their expat chums once a year. More Festival Fringing will surely ensue. It's been a mainly spontaneous pot pourri of shows this year and all the better for it. I've most enjoyed Talk Radio, Count Arthur Strong, and The Lori Watson Three so far.

My sequential trawl through Doctor Who from the word go has reached The Tenth Planet, which I am saving for a ironing binge this weekend. I've been very impressed in the past few weeks with Peter Purves' performance, John Wiles' vision, and again, as in World's End, the impact of the story returning to a recognisable London in The War Machines, which I hadn't watched for nine years, and seems a completely different series to, say The Chase. And, it must be said, a far better one.

Now reading: The Vesuvius Club - Mark Gatiss
Itching to read next: Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs - Irvine Welsh
Now listening to: The Icicle Works - The Icicle Works; Transverse City - Warren Zevon; Anorak In The UK - Marillion
Now Watching: Cracker - The Big Crunch

It's a slow Friday, so expect an essay and some pictures this afternoon. Later, dudes.

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