Monday, August 21, 2006

Edinburgh In August : A Resident's Perspective

The Observer | Review | Can I have my city back now?

This piece echoes my own views 100%. I'd add that Maggie O'Farrell's trisection of Edinburghers into aethiests, evangelists, and refugees maps closely with the triptych of Scots-born residents, white settlers in their early years, and invisible people I have never ever encountered.

I used to be a five-show a day, take a fortnight off work, festival evangelist, who worked with native Scots who would at most go to see one show each year and say they'd done the Fringe.

This year, I've been a bit more middle-aged about it, probably taking in a dozen shows over the month. I think it's less of an all or nothing proposition when you live and work away from the melee.

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