Thursday, July 20, 2006

Holiday Season

I can confidently announce that we're going on holiday for a week, safe in the knowledge that any would-be housebreakers would have to contend with the combined resistance of our cat and lodger while we're away. We're off to Dumfries for some wholesome fun with a hire car in a self-catering cottage, packing our walking boots, board games, and lots of good books. Bliss.

Things that have kept me too busy to annotate this thing recently include a funeral, and wedding, a graduation ceremony, and a royal garden party. It's been relatively balmy in Edinburgh for the past few weeks, so we've taken to eating our evening meal in the back garden. I've even contemplating doing the ironing out there, although that might appear a bit affected and eccentric.

I managed to get hold of a recording of my first ever Rush concert from 1983 this week. I remembered the setlist, and audience acknowledgements, but forgot some of the clever segues they did. I do love them, still.

I've just treated myself to a new phone. The previous one, which I was sold by a cold-call from Vodafone, crucially wothout having seen, has a membrane keyboard like the oily one the guys at Kwik-Fit tap, which inhibits my SMS eloquence somewhat, and a display that can only be seen with time-lapse exposures. It had really been annoying me, so I've actually changed manufacturer for the first time. It was very instructive to see how differently the staff in the shop sold to me (sober appearance, tie, wedding ring) compared to the young people who made up much of the clientele. I welcomed not be addressed as "mate", certainly.

Currently reading "The Selfish Gene", "Doctor Who Graphic Novel: Dragon's Claw", and listening to "One Live Badger" by Badger and "Trans Canada Highway" by Boards of Canada.

I might take lots of pictures on my new phone on holiday and post them here. If it's really bad.

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