Friday, June 16, 2006

MP3 Secrets of the Well-Off and Tedious

After a day of stomach cramps and cold symptoms on Tuesday, I seem to have recovered. I hope to get some gardening done this weekend. There's been a very welcome flurry of garden pride among our neighbours, and due to the tessellated nature of our plot, there are many Joneses to keep up with.

While I'm trowelling and pruning, I'll be listening to my generic MP3 player. As I work my way through the wonderful output of Big Finish Productions, rather than listening to serials serially, I like to interleave them. For example, an episode of Doctor Who, followed by an episode of Sapphire and Steel, followed by an episode of The Tomorrow People. This would be a real fag to click between manually, as well as being quite dangerous if attempted while exercising or cycling, so I rename the tracks of the serials so that they play in a round-robin fashion. This itself, can be a bit of a fag, so last night I knocked up a quite Perl program to do it automatically. I just type "interleave DoctorWho SapphireandSteel TomorrowPeople" and it interleaves them faster than a Vegas croupier, into a combined folder called "Sandwhich". Although why a Vegas croupier should have any particular aptitude for renaming MP3 files is a mystery to me.

My current Sandwich is Doctor Who: Real Time, Sapphire and Steel: All Fall Down, and The Tomorrow People: A Plague of Dreams.

While I'm culturally enumerating, I'll also add that my attempt to watch every Hartnell episode has reached "The Death of Doctor Who", I'd reading "The Feast of the Drowned", and Boards of Canada's new EP is getting a daily play.

There, I feel better having unburdened myself of all those secrets. Have a good weekend.

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