Monday, June 05, 2006

Look! It's Still Moving! Quick!

I'm having a quiet day today, so I thought I'd update this. It appears to have been some time since I blogged, since which everyone I know has taken up the form. I can't claim any influence. Just in case it's another 18 months since I get round to posting, here are the headlines

  • I no longer drink alcohol: my last drink was on January 8 2005
  • Helen and I have been married for two years
  • I still work as an IT consultant in Edinburgh, almost exclusively for a large financial group

I visited my family this weekend, and my father was enquiring about my pastimes. He seemed oddly unnerved that all I do is work and house-husbanding. I haven't done anything creative at a keyboard (either with letters or with notes) for about 18 months. I am far more a creature of routine and habit than ever before. If there's a guiding principle, it's "Do fewer things, better". I'm succeeding at the first part of this admirably.

If I manage to maintain this blog, then future topics might include:

  • Coffee
  • Yoga
  • Life laundering
  • Memoirs by broadcasters
  • Ethical living 1: Liberation from petrol
  • Ethical living 2: Why you don't need to fly
  • Having a lodger
  • On reaching 40
  • Radio 4 in the 21st Century

You can't bloody wait, can you? Eh?

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