Tuesday, March 16, 2004

A Day Out In Glasgow

It's been ages. Sorry. So I'll be quick. No pictures, then. Soon.

I wrote this month's Star Letter in Viz. Yes, be impressed.

We had a great Saturday. Went to Paisley to choose wedding rings from a young jeweller who Helen selected. Then up to Pollok to see the Burrell Collection's Turner seascapes exhibitition and go around Pollok House itself, and then up to the Glasgow Science Centre on the South bank of the Clyde opposite the SECC for much fun with magets and spinning circles. Then to Hillhead for a few drinks in Brel and dinner at a nearby Italian before taking the train back to Edinburgh.

It was a nice day, like being on holiday, which reminded me that we need to get out of the house more often and we tend to rattle around bouncing off each other in there as there are always chores to do.

I have a new routine at the gym which perplxingly includes 10 minute on an exercise bike. I already cycle 90 miles a week at least so this seems a little spurious. I came dangerously close to making a complete arse of myself on one of those 53cm exercise balls.

I highly recommend upgradestore.co.uk, who rescued me from a corrupt BIOS in record time. You order online, send them your corrupt EPROM and details of your motherboard and they send you a reflashed BIOS. Excellent.

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