Friday, February 27, 2004

I feel really on top of things at the moment. That's probably because Helen is keeping all the intricacies of the wedding preparations secret from me. I just have to get the gift list sorted out and I'll be happy. Discussions have ranged from "Why don't we just ask them to give us money?" to "Well, we could insist they make a donation to charity instead. I will not be happy until I have a large wide-screen television.

My bus pass expired yesterday, which made today officially the first day of spring. So last night I checked by tyre pressures, packed my panniers, and got my bike ready for the first ride out to work at Queensferry. I got up early and the ride went well, in cold but sunny conditions, and I was almost whistling with smug satisfaction as I arrived at my desk. Three hours later, it was snowing.

I've just kearned the songs that Yes are considering playing on their tour this Summer. If they play a fraction of them I will be very happy. There are some I haven't heard them play for 24 years, some I've never heard them play, and some that clearly involved a lot of bargaining between the musicians, as they'll each be playing on material that they had no original input into. I think they've started to acknowledge that the band is bigger than all of them. Bravo!

Upcoming gigs this year include Fish, Steve Howe, Marillion, Yes, Peter Gabriel, and Rush. It's as though the last two decades never happened! That would make me someone who was waiting to have his first legal pint in a little over a month.

I'm looking forward to this weekend with Helen. For all her considerable faults (too numerous to list here without exceeding the blog server's capacity, as you can imagine) she is a deeply wonderful person, and I am all adrift when I am not with her as I was last weekend. So I shall revel in cooking us a meal tonight, choosing wedding presents over the weekend, and going to hear her sing with her choir on Sunday night.

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