Sunday, January 11, 2004

We started the evening with some drinks at the Malmasion hotel in Leith, and then on to Restaurant Martin Wishart, where I spent even more than I had on Helen's birthday at Jacob's Ladder in Dublin last year. The ambience was sophisticated but incredibly friendly and the young staff made us feel completely relaxed. The complimentary pre-starter appetiser comprised a thimble of potato and leek soup, a Chinese soup spoon of salt cod in a chilli sauce and an amazing sort of wire candlestick, holding a Gefilte fish ball and a tiny pastry cornet of black pudding. It served as a taste-bud soundcheck and we were ready to go for the main course. Helen having opted to go for fish followed by fish, and me going for game followed by meat, choosing wine was going to be tricky, so we asked the wine waiter for assistance, The young Frenchman recommended two burgundies, so we opted for the Gevrey Chambertin, at a mere £52. It was worth it. On then to the meal. I had a game tarlet followed, by a nouvelle cuisine beef stew. We opted for cheese, and there was a cheese waiter who toured us round the board, and offered samples before we made our selection. It was the best visit to a restuarant I have ever had, and next time I have a spare £150 rattling around in my pockets, I'll be there like a shot.

Having consumed vodka, sparkling chardonnay, Glenlivet single malt whisky (Mmm - bourbon casked, lovely and treacly), 80 Shilling beer, gin and tonic, and Burgundy in the course of one evening, I have a fairly throbbing head this morning. I was therefore a little unsympathetic to Poppy, when she came in to the bedroom and lay on my pillow licking her private parts noisily this morning. (And the cat was no better! DYSWIDT? Aah!) Also, I have a sore throat, a persistent cold, and an eye infection that makes me look like Doctor Evil.

I don't care. It was all worth it for the best meal out ever. Only a year to Helen's next birthday.

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