Saturday, January 10, 2004

I feel refreshed and reinvigourated after the Christmas break and glad to be back at work - the return to routine has been good for my mind and my digestion. My resolutions have been off to a good start - muesli for breakfast and nothing more than soup and sald for lunch. Nary a crisp or chip has crossed my lips. I have been eating the several pounds of milk chocolates received for Christmas though.

Thursday marked a nadir in my time management career. I arrived at work late for what I though was my 7:00 start time. I checked the calendar and found I wasn't supposed to be working early that day. However I was supposed to have been on 24 hour standby from the day before. And I'd taken the Bat-phone in to be repaired that day instead. All was not lost. I still had the SIM card, inserted it into my own phone and 'fessed up to the Boss, who took it all in his stride. And German Colleague was happy to fill my shoes today, when I'd promised to go hill walking with Helen.

We went to the Pentlands above Bonaly, five minutes drive from our house. An unchallenging, if windy walk, marked by seeing some soldiers camped in the woods. Here are the snaps -

Tonight we're going out to Leith to sample a restaurant that comes with good write-ups. It's Helen's birthday tomorrow. On Thursday it will be just four months until she is my wife!

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