Monday, January 05, 2004

The Christmas break ended dramatically. We went to see the film Touching The Void on Friday night, which engaged me completely. There is a good interview with the director here. It is the story of two climbers in the Andes, who run in to trouble in adverse conditions. When one breaks his leg, the other has a difficult choice. And it's all true.

The following day we went for a walk, at Traquair in the borders, up to the summit of Minch Moor. It was very snowy indeed, and we both disappeared up to our thighs at some points. But it was well worth it for the summit and the forested hills on the way down. It was extraordinarily slippery, with snow frozed into ice and we both nearly fell over several times. Wouldn't it be ironic, we though, if one of us broke his leg, like the man in the film.

We became over confident on the way back down and turned into forest too early. Helen pointed out that we couldn't possibly be on the path we should have been. There were no landmarks and we were about to lose daylight in an hour. We had a good look at the OS map and compass and took a gamble - heading into the forest itself on a cycle path, in an attampt to get to where we should have been. The path meandered, and it was very dark under cover of trees, but we eventually emerged at a crossroads we couldn't remember being at before. Another small gamble about which path to take later, the path started to look like the route map again. We just made it to the car before darkness.

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