Sunday, December 28, 2003

I am typing these words at Helen's parents' house in Manchester. It's been a dramatic few days. Helen was confined to bed with the Dreaded Lurgy on Christmas Eve and her Christmas Dinner was the first meal she had partaken for nearly two days. The day itself went well, although two concertns have been hovering over me for the whole period: What has happened to Beagle 2? and Will I succumb to The Dreaded Lurgy? No news is good news on both fronts, I'm glad to report. Helen's sister was married yesterday. I feared The Dreaded Lurgy had attacked in the morning, but it was merely big day nerves. I saw an Old Friend for Drinks this aftrnoon in Manchester. He has had an absolutely dreadful year, and I am inspired by his resiliance and am determined to take a few more risks in my life next year.

We're back off up to Edinburgh tomorrow, dropping off the Grandparents in Sunderland on the way. I'm only half looking forward to it, because it seems to be dark in Edinburgh all the time. Rather like Unthank in Lanark.

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