Sunday, December 21, 2003

Christmas Comes Four Days Early

It snowed yesterday evening. After a draining session in the gym (Never, NEVER go again with a hangover), I became very cold and wet on the bike on the way home. When you only cycle once a week, as I do in winter, the roads seem far more threatening. Anyway, I was so cold and wet that I stayed in doors for the evening, doing digital things, and only noticed the snow after a few seasonal vodka and cranberrys. So I grabbed my camera to get some evidence for Helen, who's in Manchester this weekend. Here it is

I have achieved depressingly few of the items on my list from yesterday. I must not become distracted. I just gave up after dinner last night, which was organic wholemeal pasta in a tomato and basil sauce. Next time the sauce will need to be far more piquant to mask the inherently vile taste of organic wholemeal pasta.

I gave Field of Crows the new album by Fish another spin yesterday. I liked it far more the second time - he has a good band this time round. And he's playing here in Edinburgh in February.

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