Sunday, December 28, 2003

I am typing these words at Helen's parents' house in Manchester. It's been a dramatic few days. Helen was confined to bed with the Dreaded Lurgy on Christmas Eve and her Christmas Dinner was the first meal she had partaken for nearly two days. The day itself went well, although two concertns have been hovering over me for the whole period: What has happened to Beagle 2? and Will I succumb to The Dreaded Lurgy? No news is good news on both fronts, I'm glad to report. Helen's sister was married yesterday. I feared The Dreaded Lurgy had attacked in the morning, but it was merely big day nerves. I saw an Old Friend for Drinks this aftrnoon in Manchester. He has had an absolutely dreadful year, and I am inspired by his resiliance and am determined to take a few more risks in my life next year.

We're back off up to Edinburgh tomorrow, dropping off the Grandparents in Sunderland on the way. I'm only half looking forward to it, because it seems to be dark in Edinburgh all the time. Rather like Unthank in Lanark.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Helen is returning home in a matter of minutes. I immediately feel an odd kinship with Gary from Men Behaving Badly. I went to the weekly pub gathering of the Edinburgh Doctor Who group last night. It was an evening of great kinship and cameraderie and we decamped en masse to another hostelry when our niggardly hosts threw us out. I only lasted another pint there.

I feel I have achieved quite a lot in the last few days - presents are wrapped, ironing is ironed and I feel that our house is withstanding the Second Law of Thermodynamics rather well. Better than I am, anyway. I still haven't returned to the gym since my last documented visit. I will brave this tomorrow. Maybe.

Helen has now received well over a hundred Christmas cards. I have received five. What does that say?

Monday, December 22, 2003

My sole company for the last two days.

I got so much done yesterday. Most of it involved shunting bits around a hard drive, but I am nevertheless pleased. If only I could have days like that at work. I keep forgetting that we are staying at home for Christmas this year, and that therefore I can go to the gym on Christmas Eve before I start shovelling Mince Pies and mulled wine down my neck.

I am massively pleased with compilation CD for brother-in-law-to-be Pete. It concludes with the live version of Nothing to Declare by The h Band, which is the best thing ever, times a thousand, no backs.

So little time, so much to do. Off now to buy lilac card on which to print menus for family wedding on Saturday.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Christmas Comes Four Days Early

It snowed yesterday evening. After a draining session in the gym (Never, NEVER go again with a hangover), I became very cold and wet on the bike on the way home. When you only cycle once a week, as I do in winter, the roads seem far more threatening. Anyway, I was so cold and wet that I stayed in doors for the evening, doing digital things, and only noticed the snow after a few seasonal vodka and cranberrys. So I grabbed my camera to get some evidence for Helen, who's in Manchester this weekend. Here it is

I have achieved depressingly few of the items on my list from yesterday. I must not become distracted. I just gave up after dinner last night, which was organic wholemeal pasta in a tomato and basil sauce. Next time the sauce will need to be far more piquant to mask the inherently vile taste of organic wholemeal pasta.

I gave Field of Crows the new album by Fish another spin yesterday. I liked it far more the second time - he has a good band this time round. And he's playing here in Edinburgh in February.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Things To Do

(This is me piloting the TARDIS - Dave Unbound)

  • Take old microwave to tip

  • Recycle newpapers

  • Recycle bottles

  • Capture Little Britain radio episodes from DVD+RW to mp3

  • Wrap presents

  • Go to gym

  • Review Zagreus

  • Sort out old videos from loft

  • video to DVD transfers

  • Optimise PC for video capture

  • Sort out wardrobe and bedroom drawers

  • Finalise Christmas order from Sainsbury's
  • Put things I want to sell on ebay

  • Test live TV capture on PC

  • Make music CD for brother-in-law-elect

I lead a fascinating life, don't I?
Hoo-fucking-ray! I can post pictures. How simple. I forgot that all html tags, including images were honoured.
I am as stupid as the man whose post I saw on a forum yesterday, who asked, "When I am burning a DVD, how do I specify whether it's DVD-R or DVD+R?". The best reply was "It kind of depends on which type of blank you use, Einstein".

This is an image test