Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Well, yes, alright. technically, it would have been a worthwhile time, but I've been somewhat preoccupied with actually doing the move, and visiting the NorthWest of England. And joining a gym. And, you can probably tell from the fact that I've joined a gym that I'm in a new-year resolution kind of mood, so my blog gets reactivated.
If it were New Years Day and I were to make a resolution it would be "Stop being cross in front of the cat", and possibly more generally, "Stop being cross".
I've also just ordered a Digital Camera, so I hope to enliven this Blog somehow with up-to-the-second pictures of my life. A sort of sound-free version of the splendid series Peepshow.
Last night I went with Helen to collect an award on behalf of The Princes Trust, which she works for. I had joined her and her colleagues on the Great Edinburgh Walk a few month before, and we raised over £750 in sponsorship for the trust. The Walk organisers handed out the awards at the Assembley rooms, and I walked on the same stage as the cast of Jerry Springer the Opera and Twelve Angry Men to shake hands with the deputy Lord Provost of Edinburgh and the editor of the Evening News. And another bloke.
The CEO of my company is visiting today. He walked near my desk earlier, but didn't say "Hey! Aren't you Dave Owen, of Doctor Who Magazine?". Must be a Buffy fan instead.