Thursday, October 30, 2003

Now reading Reckless Engineering by Nick Walters and listening to The Wormery by Steve Cole and Paul Magrs. Very excited that I'm going down to That London for Panopticon this weekend. It will be wonderful to see my mates and drink heavily. If I see Nick I'll tell him that he preserves a sense of mystery that makes me want to read on. If I see Steve, I'll tell him that it's his round.

Still going to the gym (three times a week) but about to give up cycling to and from work for the winter.

It seems I can't put pictures on this blog. Arse. But I have now used the camera to sell enough things on Ebay to pay for itself. That sort of makes sense if you think stupidly about it. I am going to Ebay everything I possibly can. But easy to pack items (not vinyl LPs for example) will take precedence. It's good we now live near a Post Office.

Really very excited about the weekend. End of term feeling here, expecially as I have just written, er, submitted my input for, my annual performance review.

Foggy in Edinburgh today. But it was so dark this morning I couldn't see it. Reminded of my summer holiday read - Lanark by Alsaadair Gray, which begins in the city of Unthank which is very like Glasgow except that it's almost always dark.

Everyone in the world apart from me seems to be in a funny mood.

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