Saturday, January 18, 2003

Since you ask, I had a miserable swim on Thursday night. The pool was crowded and my lane, the slow lane, was full of medium lane people, because there was no medium lane open. It being January, the pool was also full of New Year resolvers, all of whom swim very splashily. Maybe I will start going first thing in the morning.

I am excited to read this piece in the Guardian that the USA is getting a bit more urgent about going to Mars. However, they seem to favour the nuclear option. They clearly haven't read the exquisite Voyage by Stephen Baxter, a cautionary tale, recommending chemical propulsion. However, considering how ill a years-long trip to Maris will make the astronauts, I suppose I can see the attraction.

There appears to be a newsreader on Radio 2 called Fenella Fudge.

I vacated my storage unit this morning, thereby saving 400 pounds a year in rent. I have already binned my Atari ST, and will bin and give to chairty shops many more mamoths. I think my Doctor Who fanzine collection will be going to a good home. I need to be ruthless!

Helen is out choosing a new dress which I will get her for her birthday. I suspect this means we can do what I like later today! If I'm feeling particularly vicious, I may inflict some Doctor Who or worse on her.

Tours being announced by Peter Gabriel and Yes and about to have a draining effect on my bank account. How much longer will I bother with this? I think the trick is to enjoy it. I'm very excited about Gabriel - his new album has some great moments, and I've even backfilled my collection with CDs I only have on inferior media.

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