Thursday, January 16, 2003

The man from the gas appliance-fixing company came today, eventually, bringing with him another man who said nothing. Although I had put the extractor hood light on, he switched the kitchen light on as well, without asking me. I paid him £58 including VAT to tell me that I needed two new taps on my hob, which I already knew. He will be back in a week with some taps to fit them. He says. I must make an effort to use all four rings at all times.

It seems my calendar for 2003 will be full by the end of January. I am being extorted for tickets for both Yes and Peter Gabriel at various venues in England. The bosses are visiting the German end of the operation in the last week of the month and want Brian and I to visit at the same time. I hope we can go, because it will be good to go back, now I actually have some friends amongst the Germans. And I won the chance to pay to stay in a holiday cottage assigned to my employer in the first week in September. It's in Warwickshire, which is good. Not just generally, but because I can see my friend Justin and his family, and Helen can see Stratford. I suspect there will not be a holiday abroad this year, which I can live with.

What a dull entry. I promise to kill someone tonight, or something.

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