Friday, January 24, 2003

I ripped some music tracks to make compilation CDs for Helen's party last night. I own a surprising amount of music with repetetive dance beats, it seems. Much of it is very good, too. I will enjoy seeing crowded room of voluntary sector workers chatting over Marillion's "This Is The 21st Century" without a clue who they are listening to. The next thing is a top 40 quiz. For each of Helens birthdays the guests will have to name the number one single at the time. I may also do a general knowledge/picture quiz with questions from each of the years. We'll see. My role in Helen's social life is to do lots of sticky-backed plastic work like this and be applauded for by bushy-tailed enthusiasm. I'd rather be applauded for my meteoric career success and smouldering good looks, but it's a start, I suppose.

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