Thursday, November 14, 2002

It's a Thursday in November. But you can probably tell that from the timestamp. It will be dark when I leave work tonight unless the firemen's strike means that the sky is ablaze with arson. I am ultra paranoid about unsafe electrical devices, but not to the point of switching my TV to 'off' rather than 'standby' as people who visit my home always do.

Currently reading - Doctor Who - The Book of the Still. Diverting enough, but Ebbsy displays a little too much in common with Dave "I'm wierd, me" Stone for me to relax completely. Still a good long lie-in and a hot bath tomorrow morning should see it off. I tend to embark on Who novel binges at this time of year, usually inspired by a biggie coming out that I want to catch up to.

Currently watching - Doctor Who - The Ribos Operation. On DVD this is as engaging as I thought it ought to be. When I last watched on VHS about 2 years ago, it wasn't. The stars' commentary is a delight, as is the score. There is a glut of Doctor Who to be watched at present, with the William Hartnell Box Set (am I alone in finding "Billy In A Box" a little distasteful?) awaiting. The wonderful VidFIRE process means that 10 of these 14 episodes must be viewed on TV and not on my PC monitor. This means a lot of ironing, cheese and wine this weekend. Oh no. What a strenuous obligation.

Currently listening to - White Eagle by Tangerine Dream, Doctor Who - The Savages, and Big Finish Talks Back. It's a sign of my Caledonian isolation that I now have to pay to listen to my acquaintances' opinions.

I fear I have been sacked from Doctor Who Magazine.

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