Monday, November 25, 2002

Phew! What a weekend. Having belted down an Italian meal in time to get to the cinema in time for Die Another Day, it still didn't start for another 20 minutes. The theatre was full of young people, which for such a creakingly established franchise was unusual. A diverting 2 hours, but the script, especially the dialogue was very flabby, and Bond needs to be more distinct from other action movies.

Saturday - succeeded in creating a Linux Radio VCR in 10 lines of shell script. Neat. Very smug with myself. Accidentally automounted a remote home directory over by / directory. Less neat. Rendered machine unbootable. Had to "Get on T'Internet" as Peter Kay would say to figure out what I'd done. Went for walk round Arthur's Seat with Helen. Dinner, Casualty and too much telly.

The Meaning of Liff defines "duntish" as "Mentally incapacitated, owing to a severe hangover". I was very duntish indeed on Sunday, and succeeded in only some of my work. Then a health-giving walk around a reservoir at the base of the Pentlands with Helen, dinner, and too much telly. Again.

Now reading - Doctor Who - The Crooked World by Steve Lyons, which so far seems to be his best fluffy book to date. It's got a big fat juxtaposition (real people land in cartoon world) with the two paradigms frotting against each other most pleasurably.

Now watching - a sandwich of The Time Meddler and Resurrection of the Daleks. This follows the preceding concoction of The Sensorites and The Pirate Planet. I'm looking forward to resuming the quest for the Key To Time.

Tonight I shall be removing photographic red eye from, captioning, and artistically cropping about 30 pictures of one of Helen's friends. It's godsent tasks like this that justify expenditure on toys like scanners and photo-printers.

Looking forward to the weekend. Marillion are playing Manchester on Friday night and then there's a Doctor Who Fan Olympiad in the same city. What could go wrong?

Thursday, November 14, 2002

It's a Thursday in November. But you can probably tell that from the timestamp. It will be dark when I leave work tonight unless the firemen's strike means that the sky is ablaze with arson. I am ultra paranoid about unsafe electrical devices, but not to the point of switching my TV to 'off' rather than 'standby' as people who visit my home always do.

Currently reading - Doctor Who - The Book of the Still. Diverting enough, but Ebbsy displays a little too much in common with Dave "I'm wierd, me" Stone for me to relax completely. Still a good long lie-in and a hot bath tomorrow morning should see it off. I tend to embark on Who novel binges at this time of year, usually inspired by a biggie coming out that I want to catch up to.

Currently watching - Doctor Who - The Ribos Operation. On DVD this is as engaging as I thought it ought to be. When I last watched on VHS about 2 years ago, it wasn't. The stars' commentary is a delight, as is the score. There is a glut of Doctor Who to be watched at present, with the William Hartnell Box Set (am I alone in finding "Billy In A Box" a little distasteful?) awaiting. The wonderful VidFIRE process means that 10 of these 14 episodes must be viewed on TV and not on my PC monitor. This means a lot of ironing, cheese and wine this weekend. Oh no. What a strenuous obligation.

Currently listening to - White Eagle by Tangerine Dream, Doctor Who - The Savages, and Big Finish Talks Back. It's a sign of my Caledonian isolation that I now have to pay to listen to my acquaintances' opinions.

I fear I have been sacked from Doctor Who Magazine.