Thursday, February 21, 2002

Sunday started cloudy and then got rather sunnier. Around 18 hours of G'n'T consumption in great company made for a relaxed day, surrounded by nice people. Went for a meal with a bunch of old on-line friends who are still a bunch on-line friends, but I was acepted back into the fold for the evening, very touchingly. I had around 2 hours sleep, and awoke in my lovely balcony room to find it full of sunshine. Musing on the fact that I was unlikely to be surrounded by so many friends again for a long time, I packed and listened to King Crimson's Waiting Man. A civilized journey to Denver was followed by a generous ride from colleague E. to Colorado Springs

The last two days work have been draining and satisfying. I really wish I worked here. Just as well. Two days down, 48 to go. I miss my Helen, but she sounds happy!

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