Sunday, February 17, 2002

On Friday, I returned to Universal Studios and conquered my fear of the Jurassic Park ride by going on twice. Having seen most of the attractions before, the stars were the weather and the view of the valley. A better evening than Thursday followed. Saturday was unsettled. I'm not really at this convention with anyone, so there's more time for solitary gym use or outdoor swimming, but it's quite an effort to find someone to lunch with. Throughout the day, I kept returning to my room to learn and practice my turn for the cabaret. By evening, I had delivered it to the mirror around forty times and got it right about once. At the last minute, I decided that my character would probably have a clipboard. I met Dan Freedman from the BBC in the bar, and then rehearsed Papaerback Writer with the paperback writers. Immediately before the cabaret, MC Cornell was having kittens and I wasn't far behind him in the feline maternity stakes. I stayed stage-left throughout, and as requested, composed supposedly witty bon mots for Paul to introduce each act with. He credited me from the stage, which was incredibly nice, as was his tongue-in-cheek praising me to the skies (I'll be reviewing his new play in a few months). I got the monologue spot on, and managed to glance at the clipboard while riding the laughs. My admiration for Ronnie Barker's flair with words and timing of delivery is absolute. The cabaret ran for over three hours and the hotel closed the bar 70 minutes later. But we had a good disco, which was raiding by the local cops who didn't realise it was a private function and demanded all alcohol be removed, including the 18 beers I'd bought at the 7-11! I had to keep sneaking back the the room for a quick chug. Thanks LAPD - you have elevated beer to class A status!

Four hours sleep later, I was in the first panel of Sunday morning. I am getting a cold, probably due to lack of sleep. All the gin and tonics probably may have some impact too. Off downstairs now for the Dead Ringers panel. And a drink.

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