Monday, February 11, 2002

Gosford Park was worth the wait. I look forward to enjoying the parts I didn't follow on second viewing. Cinema still packed. Trudged around Haddington and environs on Saturday. I could live there without being pushed too hard. It's worth it for the funny man on the junction sign who has a no-entry symbol for a head and four roads for limbs. As you approach the junction from different directions he assumed diffent postures. I think he's a distant relative of Bertie Basset.

Cycled in this morning against fierce wind. And the weather was a bit blustery, too. I have still not recovered from 30 lengths of the pool on Thursday. Hope I can find somewhere to swim in Colorado Springs.

I will have enough mp3 music and drama with me to run a medium-sized radio station for a month or two. None of the sodding DVDs I have ordered to take with me have been despatched. Arse.

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