Monday, February 04, 2002

A full weekend nestles warmly in my memory. Managed to complete both reviews by 2am Friday morning, although Invaders From Mars took some combing on Saturday before being submitted. With a six-week stay in Colorado Springs looming, I'm trying to squeeze in as much quality home time as possible. I managed some passable Indian cooking on Saturday night, as cooking while listening to Loose Ends before settling down to dinner over Casualty is tradition which greatly soothes my obsessive/compulsive soul. I ploughed through 60 breadths of the Commonwealth Pool on Sunday lunchtime, having finally realized that you can use your legs in breast stroke too.

Helen and I attempted valiantly to get in to Gosford Park on Sunday night before giving up and going to Pizza Express in Stockbridge, where the pizzas are getting smaller and less pleasant with every visit ("not as good as yours", said Helen; the kind of bare-faced lie that endears her to me ever more), and we were the only couple without a designer baby. We consoled ourself with another Richard E. Grant appearance, specifically, Withnail and I, with DVD commentary my Paul McGann and Ralph Brown. They talked so much that I'll be able to watch it again soon and find the dialogue relatively fresh. Grant's absence from the voice-over booth is a bonus, since McGann and Brown discuss his nature unselfconciously.

Only ten days left in the UK until April.

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